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Why ArtiE

ArtiE stands for Artificial Intelligence for the Enterprice. ArtiE is a tool for building Voice Intelligent applications.
We leverages the best AI technology available in the field to make voice technology available from any device you already own by solving all the last mile problems..

Device Agnostic

Every device you own today already has a mic and speaker. ARTIE leverages these and makes available voice from your device. ARTIE is code once works anywhere technology. Now you can enjoy voice from the devices you already use and own..

Data Driven

Build turnkey solutions directly from data available in the form of spreadsheet, database,forms, PowerPoint. No need for coding, just provide the input data and ARTIE does the rest.

Voice Intelligence

We use keyboard mouse and touch to interact with software. Why no voice? ARTIE makes it possible to interact with your software applications using your voice from the devices you already use. ARTIE is disruptive like mouse was 20 years back.

Our Products

All our products were created using VoiceStudio. A cloud based Voice platform to create voice intelligent applications. The products are data-driven, meaning a user can generate a turn-key solution by providing the input data

Voice Web

Now you can talk to your website. Browse your website in style using your voice... try now by clicking on the voice icon!

Voice Survey

Make it easy for your clients to leave feedback using voice enabled surveys. It is quicker to say what your are thinking than typing it.

Voice Display

Turn any display device into a voice enabled signage device. Create your signage campaign directly from your PowerPoint.

Voice Catalog

Imagine shopping online using your voice or making a travel reservation by talking to an app. VoiceCatalog makes this a reality.

Voice Studio

We used VoiceStudio to create all the products mentioned here. It is a cloud platform to create voice intelligent software. It is a tool for developers to custom create voice activated software solution.

And many more

Many more to come. like VoiceDrive, VoiceMailbox, VoiceCommerce, VoiceTravel etc


We started with this simple insight: AI, Software, Cloud is the oil for the next several decades.
We also saw a BIG GAP: There is no platform to create device agnostic voice intelligent software directly from data without the need for coding.

  • 2016

    A Vision is born and a GAP is found!

  • 2017

    A team is born driven by a vision and guided by wisdom!

  • 2018

    ARTIE the disruptive technology is born!

  • 2019

    ARTIE the company is born!

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Our Amazing Team

Small Team on big mission.

Stephen Mallik

Founder & CEO


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Core product team


Core product team


Core product team






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The most powerful resource in this world is a persistent and a passionate mind driven by a vision andguided by wisdom. That defines team ARTIE in a nutshell. We bring our passionate mind and an attitude for success to anything we do.

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